Waterline Renewal Technologies

Why is CIPP Rehabilitation Alone Not Sufficient for a Sealed System?


It is presumed that the resin in CIPP Liners bonds with host pipe, creating an effective watertight seal after cure. The truth is that resin shrinks due to polymerization leaving behind an annular space between liner and host pipe, allowing infiltration to migrate behind the new lining and re-enter into the collection system at lateral connections and manhole penetrations. The only way to totally seal a collection system is to use hydrophilic compression gasket sealing technology at manhole and lateral penetrations. The Insignia™ O-Rings are for use at lateral penetrations and termination points of overlapping CIPP liners. LMK Technologies also offers other Insignia™ products (the Insignia™ Connection Hat and the Insignia™ End Seal Sleeve) which fulfill the purpose of sealing the lateral connections as well as overlapping CIPP Liners for a total sealed system. To learn more or to talk with a trenchless expert, click here. Interested in a one-hour Lunch & Learn, schedule it today!