Smoke On The Water

Dallas, in the not so far future where sewer lines, the older clay pipe lines, will have to be smoke tested to locate cracks and corroded areas. The smoke test will find Dallas sewer-line trouble spots and hopefully be quickly repaired. Waiting for a complete sewer line failure is the wastewater management department worst fear. […]


Dallas, granted a backed up sewer is the worst thing that could enter your house, but so is snakes! Yes, Dallas, the creepy, slithering kind. The most common thing to go through a cracked sewer pipe is tree or plant roots, but snakes are starting to make their way into homes in and around the […]

Don’t Dig Dallas, Save Money and Time

Don’t Dig Dallas, Save Money and Time

Go Trenchless! Dallas we all know you are not afraid of being cutting edge and top notch on everything from culture, entertainment, food. Why would you want any less for our community’s pipe-lining needs? Along with all the great food and entertainment, come problems from underneath this wonderful city. Pipes can become backed up from […]