Dallas Schedules Sewer Maintenance and Sewer Overflow Advisory


The city of Dallas has a worklist for the New Year that includes the extensive rehabilitation of streets and sidewalks and much-needed sewer overhauls. Recently, the city experienced a large sewer overflow, due to a pipeline collapse in a residential neighborhood. The estimated overflow was more than 300,000 gallons, making the upgrades even more imperative. […]

Dallas’ Proactive Effort to Keep Sewers Unimpaired

The city of Dallas is keeping things moving with a united resolve, as the heavy rainfall of recent days has placed quite a burden on the sewer system. Residents in many neighborhoods have been affected by the record-setting rainfall. Sewer overflows have been tallied in amounts of 100,000 gallons and greater in several locations. The […]

Arlington is on a Roll with Sewer Robots


The city of Arlington has come up with an ingenious way to keep tabs on water quality. Along with the University of Texas at Arlington, the city has collaborated on the use of robots for sewers. The cost to the city is expected to be less than half the cost of hiring a complete service […]

Arlington’s Revamping Overhaul of Sewer Pipe Lines

The city of Arlington is implementing the process of replacing 2 percent of its water infrastructure. This is expected to be an annual endeavor for the city in an effort to maintain an ongoing gap analysis on the expected average lifespan of their water infrastructure.  The city’s most current project is replacing 10,200 linear feet […]

Denton Incorporates Star Treatment for Sewer System


The sewer system serving the City of Denton is being made over with an enhanced treatment program. The City’s Utility department has been growing and implementing a better approach to the maintenance of those systems in disrepair while simultaneously getting a handle on some of those growing pains. Sophisticated software and attentive deployment of manpower […]

Duncanville’s Cross Connection Control program


The purpose of a Cross Connection Control Program is to identify potential cross connections on the public water system and require that the proper backflow prevention device is installed at the potential source.  Duncanville requires Backflow Prevention Devices to be installed by a registered plumber or backflow installer and then tested by certified backflow tester […]

Lubbock is Entering Phase II of Sewer Enhancements

The City of Lubbock is entering its second phase of a sewer renewal project which began in the spring. Residents near Indiana Ave., south of FM 1585, please be advised that beginning this week until mid-August, there will be partial closures when travelling in this area. The sewer advancement is to expand a large diameter […]

Don’t Drink The Water!

Dallas, will be under a boil water order at least through Wednesday or until results of the latest water quality tests are released, which will determine whether the order is lifted or extended. Dallas, the boil water notice was issued after the demand for water exceeded the water treatment system’s capacity which increased the chance of harmful […]

Steady Storms Bring Sewage Back Ups

Dallas, strong storms over the weekend brought us power outages, flooding and sewer backups! Talk about a rough weekend! If you are dealing with sewage in your home and broken or cracked sewer pipes call Perma-Liner, we are a cost effective and earth friendly approach to digging. Dallas, our toll free number is 866-336-2568 or visit our website […]

Be Prepared For The Smoke Treatment

Dallas, liquid smoke is pushed with a fan through an open manhole, alerting the employees to a potential problem when they see the smoke arise. Some citizens may notice smoke blowing through lines in their homes, as well as showers and sinks. The smoke is not toxic and is safe for children and pets. When […]