Waterline Renewal Technologies

Smoke On The Water

Dallas, in the not so far future where sewer lines, the older clay pipe lines, will have to be smoke tested to locate cracks and corroded areas. The smoke test will find Dallas sewer-line trouble spots and hopefully be quickly repaired. Waiting for a complete sewer line failure is the wastewater management department worst fear. The clay sewer pipes were used during construction during the 1930s through 1950 the smoke tests will be able to detect problems in those older homes. . An example was given of 4 million gallons comes through the system on a normal dry day. The problem that caught Dallas city officials’ attention was on rainy days, the flow reached near 10 million gallons. The extra amount was not due to more people flushing the toilet at that time. It indicates that cracks and holes have allowed rainwater to rush into the system. Dallas, remember Perma-Liner for all your sewer-pipelining needs call us at 866-336-2568 or visit our website at www.perma-liner.com.