Waterline Renewal Technologies

DALLAS- You’re On! The WEQ Fair is HERE this year!


The city of Dallas has got it going on!! Lots of things happening here on behalf of new and improved water infrastructure systems. Not only has the city replaced and upgraded all of their water meters for better accuracy, established extensive programs to assist homeowners with their utilities, as well as investing in several current projects to enhance water, wastewater and storm drainage systems city-wide. While the city is on a transformative pathway to ‘all things better’ for vital infrastructures, even statewide, there is also a timely plan to host the 2nd annual Wastewater Equipment Fair, also known as-WEQ.  Save the date! It’s happening next month on April 4th and 5th. Last year’s inaugural event for the Fair was a great success with many who attended the event. This year is expected to be twice the attendance in Big D!

The event will take place in Fair Park-Lot 12A and will be outdoors. Expect to be impressed with a full line up and display of Perma-Liner Industries demonstrations and equipment, as well as industrial wastewater equipment that will include sewer cleaning, inspection camera systems, vacuum trucks, pumps and more. The schedule of events will begin at noon on Tuesday, April 4. This is a hands-on event so you’ll really get a close up look at all of the equipment that has made the water industry the integral component that it is today.

Whether you’re already in Dallas or perhaps need to take a drive or fly, come on out to see us. We’re looking forward to you being there! Here’s the Perma-Liner lineup: