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Dallas Outlines In-Depth Water Conservation Agenda


The City of Dallas has introduced a progressive five year water conservation strategy. This Five-Year Work Plan serves as a road map for compliance with the State’s mandates. It also serves as a major component of the Long Range Water Supply Plan. This year’s work plan was developed through a multi-faceted approach that includes review of the previous water conservation planning efforts, as well as review of several water conservation programs, initiatives, data, and literature.  In order to formulate the most efficient plan of action, the city utilized water data which was examined to identify strategic areas to target for additional water conservation opportunities. Numerous water conservation strategies were evaluated using screening criteria, a benefit-cost analysis, and other means to determine their suitability for implementation during the five-year planning period. Some of the programs made available to residential customers consist of a Public Awareness Campaign, Toilet Rebate Programs, a Minor Plumbing Repair Program, Environmental Education Initiative and an Irrigation System Check-Up Program.

The Dallas Utilities Department now offers free irrigation system inspections for residential and commercial customers. Inspectors also work with other city departments on proper maintenance and operation of city irrigation systems. The inspections include identification of potential system leaks, diagnosis of equipment malfunctions, and recommendations for equipment upgrades to enhance efficiency. Over 5,700 inspections have been performed since the program was launched. Projected water savings based on implemented recommendations is over 39 million gallons per year.

Did you know, individual metering is required at all single-family residential locations? Most multi-family residential locations, such as apartments and condominiums, have individual metering for each building or designated water user. Dual metering is currently provided to some customers based on the individual needs of the user.

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