Waterline Renewal Technologies

Dallas Maintains Sewer Integrity and Material Recycling Initiatives


Many Dallas communities are now developing strategies for various means of recycling and composting, in order to limit waste. Many of these techniques are performed by individuals and citizens of the community. Alternatively, it takes a more in-depth process to address composting large amounts of landscape waste. The city has incorporated regional programs in response to neighborhood needs. Several means of composting have been implemented, which will accompany other resourceful projects, designed to further the initiative. The city has relied on data from local neighborhoods as a means of outlining and demonstrating the most effective approach in landscape waste management. In doing so, residents have also become more aware of best practices for the integrity of the sewer systems.

Recently, the city opened a brand new, one-of-a-kind, Materials Recycling Facility. The system was designed with the city’s goal in mind of getting closer to zero-waste by the year 2040. With the successful processing of over 1,000 tons of material in the first two weeks opening, the new facility will be an effective tool to meet the sustainable intent. The facility processes more than 250 tons of recyclable material each day and will process and recycle approximately 5,000 tons of materials every month. The facility will accept all single stream material from the city of Dallas and the city of University Park.

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