Waterline Renewal Technologies

Permanent Flowmeters Installed in Dallas


The history of the Dallas sewage collection system predates the turn of the century. In 1876, the first 24-inch sewer pipe was built in downtown Dallas, transporting wastewater to the river. What is now known as the wastewater collection system, however, began operating in the early 1900s. The collection system has grown with the city and now serves a population of more than 1.1 million people through approximately 4,100 miles of sanitary sewer mains. Dallas is now in the process of implementing a system to monitor the wastewater levels and flows. The project is part of the recommendations resulting from the Major Interceptor Study of the Wastewater Master Plan update. Once this system is in place, wastewater collection and wastewater treatment plants will receive real time flow information from as many as 70 sites throughout the city.

The installation of the permanent flowmeters at key locations throughout the city is the latest phase in a multi-year project. Approximately 15 of the flowmeters will be installed permanently in the Dallas sewer system during the first phase. The long-term meters will monitor the system, look at the trends as they develop and evaluate how the system is performing hydraulically. In addition, the permanent flowmeters will be employed to keep the dynamic hydraulic model calibrated for wet and dry weather flows.

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