Waterline Renewal Technologies

Arlington’s Revamping Overhaul of Sewer Pipe Lines

The city of Arlington is implementing the process of replacing 2 percent of its water infrastructure. This is expected to be an annual endeavor for the city in an effort to maintain an ongoing gap analysis on the expected average lifespan of their water infrastructure.  The city’s most current project is replacing 10,200 linear feet of 6-inch water pipe in east Arlington near B.C. Barnes Park, using the cured-in-place pipe lining method for its sanitary sewer and waterlines.  The city also recently teamed with the University of Texas at Arlington to embark on a high-tech examination of 48 miles of large-diameter sewer pipelines. The project, which will start next month and last three years, will assist city officials determine the lifetime of vital sewer pipe and give the officials a way to isolate smaller areas for replacement.

After a particularly rainy spring, one of the city’s major sanitary sewer lines collapsed. While making repairs, workers discovered that its walls had eroded away, which became the catalyst for several other rehabilitations throughout the city.  Partnering with UT Arlington offered a cost-effective solution that also takes advantage of the proximity of highly regarded experts at the UTA College of Engineer’s Center for Structural Engineering. The university and city workers will deploy a robotic unit that records video, sonar and laser data into sewer pipes in the city that measure 24 inches or larger.  The main purpose in doing so is to avoid the reoccurrence of sewer line failures. Arlington’s sewer pipe have been found to have an average of 31 years.

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