Waterline Renewal Technologies

Arlington Makes Noteworthy Progress for Underground Infrastructures

The University of Texas at Arlington has all hands on deck in participation of an all-encompassing, innovative sewer project. Engineers have collaborated on an underground infrastructure overhaul for sewer manholes across the city.  Currently, the University has established a cooperative to inspect hundreds of sewer manholes in an effort to detect any deterioration or erosion within these structures. Each manhole is four to five feet in diameter and can range from four to four-and-a-half feet tall. This is an important project as corrosion of the manholes can also put the sewer mains at risk, allowing rain and other runoff from the surface to enter the wastewater systems. Interestingly, there are more than 19,000 manholes citywide. The UTA project will inspect different categories, types and geographic locations of manholes in Arlington. Although the study will prioritize corrosion protection, the more important aspect of the project is to analyze the data in order to develop a system of prioritizing the remainder of the manholes. A different but equally engaging project, which preceded this effort, is the inspection of miles of sewer pipeline with the use of a robot.

Interesting fact: The DFW Airport encompasses roughly 17,000 acres of land. It turns out that the land the airport sits on is larger than the island of Manhattan. DFW Airport is also making strides on behalf of the environment by becoming the first airport in North America to achieve carbon neutral status. The city has also installed water-saving plumbing fixtures in the airport restrooms, thereby saving over 5 million gallons of water each month.

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