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Annual Conservation Contest for Children


Dallas Water Conservation offers several contests every year for Dallas children. The Elementary School Poster Contest, Middle School T-shirt Contest and High School Visual Arts Contest are held during the school year and are open to all City of Dallas students in any school district, private school or those who may be home-schooled, if they are in grades 1st through 12th. All contests have prizes and recognition for the winners.  All entries must have the official theme in their artwork to be eligible. The 2016 theme is “Water Conservation, Less Means More!” Entry deadline for all contests is Friday, March 11, 2016.  Artwork must visually demonstrate the importance of saving water.  Artwork will be judged on creativity, originality, artistic merit, and adherence to guidelines and criteria.

Creativity: How well the artwork communicates the 2016 theme: “Water Conservation, Less Means More!” and the water conservation message.

Originality: Artwork should creatively reflect the idea or concept chosen to illustrate water conservation with as little repetition of pre-existing ideas as possible.

Artistic Merit: How well the different elements or components come together as a whole.

Adherence to Guidelines: Entries must follow all guidelines or the submission will be disqualified.

Here are a few good tips for water conservation:

Take shorter showers – five minutes or less. Try to save even more by turning the water on to get wet; then turn it off to lather up and finally turning it back on to rinse off.

Think about other ways to use water before letting it go down the drain. Perhaps watering a plant or rinsing something that needs cleaning.

Avoid water toys that need a constant stream of water.

Remind your parents that grass only needs one inch of water every five to seven days to stay healthy and green.